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Court Maintenance

We’ll help you take care of your court with our court maintenance, repairs and resurfacing

 Maintenance, Repairs and Resurfacing for Sports Fields and Hardcourt Surfaces


Ultracourts can help when it comes to maintaining your new or existing hardcourt or sporting fields. It’s important to keep your grounds in tip top shape so you can stay on top your game.

Keeping your surface looking fantastic is simple when it is surfaced and maintained correctly. Our maintenance services include:

  • Court Resurfacing
  • Conversions
  • Line Markings
  • Installation of New Equipment (wickets, nets, gates)
  • High Pressure Cleaning of Grounds
  • In Fill Top Ups
  • Professional Sweeping
  • Condition Reports

Regular maintenance will ensure that your ground stays in it’s best shape and reduce the risk of injuring your teammates.

Looking after your sporting grounds needn’t be a chore. Let the experts take care of it so you can keep working on your game.

Ultracourts can also install lighting so you can enjoy your court during low light hours and at night. If your current court has old metal halide lighting, we can assist when the time comes to convert to LED lighting.

We deliver the highest quality courts and accessories and specialise in working with you to deliver exactly what you desire. ‘Affordable Excellence’ is our motto and we ensure your solution is both stunning whilst still being affordable.

Talk to our talented professionals today to discuss what is possible. Our friendly expert staff members are always willing to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us here.


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