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Netball Court Construction

You’ll be scoring goals with Ultracourts Netball Court Construction Services and Accessories

Netball Court Constructions


If you’ve ever played a game of netball, you’ll understand how important it is to be competing on a good quality netball court. Not all netball courts are created equal and gone are the days when Melbournian’s braved the plain and unsuitable asphalt courts.

Netball courts have come a long way since then and nowadays, netballers often play on acrylic surfaced courts that are much better suited to the rigours of this fast-paced game. The wrong surface can cause a multitude of joint issues, as many long-standing players will attest to.

Ultracourts designs, builds, and maintains netball courts that support athletes and help make for a more enjoyable experience. From the base throughout to surfacing trust Ultracourts with our decades of experience both domestically and internationally.

Nowadays from true hardcourts, cushioned or floating systems we have all bases covered and colorways are endless.

Importantly our acrylic surfacing is slip resistant minimising injuries.

If you need new netball courts for your school or sporting club or would like a half or full court built at your home, Ultracourts is here to help. We work with our clients from initial consultation right through to design and installation, ensuring that it looks seamless, functions perfectly, and feels wonderful.

Already have a netball court that is in need of a facelift? Our team can bring it back to life, making it better than ever! Contact Ultracourts now for more information.


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