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We are a Netball Court Builder, Not just Tennis Courts!


Looking for a Netball Court Builder – well we have a special love for netball, which mostly reflects in world rankings. As a sporting ground builder, occasionally, we experience your craziness toward netball in the form of queries, all having the same content – ‘Do you construct netball courts? Well, we have one answer for all of them. Not just tennis courts! We also build netball courts.

Netball court construction starts with successful planning. Building compliant netball courts that ensure the safe participation of the players depends upon careful planning.

Netball Court Builder

A few factors to consider at the time of netball court planning:

  • The surface of the court – a good understanding of the soil condition helps to determine the surface requirements of the court.
  • Drainage facilities – Adequate surface and perimeter drainage facilities are required at the court to avoid water logging due to rain or some other reason.
  • Proximity to trees – preferably, a court must be constructed, keeping a minimum distance of 7m from trees. It helps to avoid cracking of courts from protruding tree roots.


How are netball courts constructed?

The Netball court construction mainly involves installing sports surfaces such as macadam and polymeric rubber. Surfacing begins with excavating the area. After excavation, a geotextile membrane is laid. It separates the court from the ground, followed by a stone sub-base to ensure an even foundation of the court. After that, macadam or polymeric rubber surfacing is done. Applying paint coatings in the required places is the next step of construction.


Surface performance qualities of netball court

Unlike basketball, netball players cannot run with the ball in possession. Bouncing the ball is also not permitted. It requires players to have enormous speed and balance. They could play skilfully only if the surface has the following qualities:

  • Slip resistance 
  • Rotational Resistance
  • Ball bounce
  • Shock absorption
  • Surface regularity and gradients
  • Vertical deformation
  • Line marking
  • Water permeability


Why our netball courts are so popular?

Choosing a Netball court builder through Ultracourts gives you expertise and quality service. As an experienced sporting grounds builder, we can meet all your netball court requirements and provide high-quality court construction, maintaining all standards.


How about installing a netball court? You can trust us.

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