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AFL and Soccer

Ultracourts also offers AFL, Rugby and football grounds construction services.

AFL and Soccer Ground Constructions


With the ever expanding usage demand on natural grass ovals synthetic facilities are paramount to allow training and play.

Design requirements and advise are not a problem at Ultracourts.  With both engineering and design teams surfacing, drainage and base construction


Whether you have an expanse of private land that you’d love turned into a football ground for family and friends or are responsible for a footy club or school that needs a new or updated surface, Ultracourts is the go-to football ground builder in Melbourne.

Not only are our football grounds built to last the distance, but they are also designed with full consideration of the surrounding environment as well as all our clients’ other potential needs. After all, just because you are looking for something functional doesn’t mean it can’t look fantastic, too.

From new football ground installation to upgrading and maintaining existing surfaces, Ultracourts should be top of your list. Contact us now to find out more or to arrange a quote.

There’s no doubt about it, Melburnians love their footy. So, it’s no wonder that it seems like there is a football ground on every corner! Have you ever wondered where these awesome football grounds come from?

Ultracourts heads the industry when it comes to top quality football grounds in the great footy state of Victoria. We pride ourselves on exceptional design and installation. Creating amazing surfaces that are specifically designed for footy is just one of the many services we provide.


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