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Tennis Court Construction

With 100’s of premium tennis courts constructed to suit any home, style and taste.

Tennis Court Construction


A tennis court is both gorgeous as well as functional.

Nothing beats a hit on your very own tennis court along with family and friends. The perfect addition to any summer weekend they are an amazing and fun way to keep your family fit and active.

The combination of highly trained personnel coupled with the latest equipment and techniques, enable Ultracourts to provide the highest quality tennis court construction, on an extremely competitive basis, anywhere in the world.

With a wide variety of options available Ultracourts can easily tailor a custom and complete tennis court solution to suit your individual desires.

We can also install lighting so you can enjoy your court during low light hour and night. If your current court has old metal halide lighting, we can convert them to LED lighting.
From soccer nets, integrated retaining walls and even golf holes and basketball rings the sky is truly the limit.

Our experience means that you are receiving the highest possible quality products, workmanship all delivered with our key theme in mind. Providing you with ‘Affordable Excellence’.

Our friendly, professional experts are available to answer any questions you may have here.

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