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Tennis is an invigorating game

Maintaining tennis courts in Melbourne to keep you playing your at your best!

With the perfect blend of strategy and fitness that makes it such an attractive way to keep healthy and active.

But without a well-maintained court, the game can quickly turn hazardous. It has never been more important to learn the right way to maintain your current tennis court.

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Where to start?

Understanding when it is the right time to resurface or to rebuild is crucial to keeping your matches safe and the best way to learn how to maintain your current tennis court.

Factors such as any structural concerns, evidence of elemental deterioration and the impacts on gameplay.

This will determine the necessary steps that must be taken to get your tennis court back to working condition again.

Noticing any cracks or tears in your tennis court is always a great indicator that it’s time for a resurface. Cracks like this tend to appear after 4-7 years, or even earlier with extensive use.

Maintaining tennis courts with Ultra Courts is a great way to resurface and create fresh installation of new equipment such as fencing and nets.

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Melbourne based Tennis Court rebuild and Resurfacing

Luckily, Ultra Courts is a Melbourne-based tennis court and sports ground installation company that can take care of this entire process.

Ultra Courts operates Victoria-wide and are experts in helping you maintain your current tennis court.

They are experts in domestic and residential courts and can handle all the construction and civil works required for the job, from excavation to even steelwork and drainage.

During the process, they provide you with the option of choosing a synthetic grass surface, or even an impact-friendly Rebound Ace surface which is a great addition to any tennis fan’s personal court!

However, it is important to remember that resurfacing your court won’t address any underlying issues in the foundation, so those cracks may appear again sometime soon. If you’re not happy with that possibility, then a complete rebuild might be the option for you.

Whether it is time to resurface or to rebuild your tennis court is entirely based on the amount of damage to your court.

The average wear and tear can often be addressed by a simple resurface to repatch all that natural damage you see on your court. But that isn’t always the case, especially if the cracks and tears come from the foundation itself.

In this case, Ultra Courts may suggest that a rebuild is more likely your best option, so you can address the damage at the root cause.

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