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Tennis Court Maintenance – Tips and Advice



Tennis courts are a huge investment.

So, when it comes to their longevity, maintenance should be at the top of your list. Whether it’s through the professionals or a bit of DIY; it doesn’t have to be painful


Have a read below as we take you through some top tips and advice for tennis court maintenance.

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Get It Cleaned


We get it, it can be a pain to clean your court every few weeks.

However, by doing so you will not only make it a better surface to play on, but you will also ensure that it lasts a lot longer.

If you’re looking to get it professionally done, the team at UltraCourts offer an array of services including sweeping and high-pressure cleaning. 



Look, it’s not a fun job.

But, drainage can make a huge difference when it comes to your court. Check your drainage system, remove any debris and do this every week or so to stop blockages.


Fencing And Lighting


To keep your court safe and in good nick, we   recommend solid fencing and lighting.

Not only will it help you stop losing balls, but it will also deter animals from entering the court and vandalism. Having great lighting will also help you notice potential problems with the court before they become a serious issue.




While most courts are painted with specialised paint, it is worth repainting every few years.

This will help with slip resistance and anti-fungal measures. We recommend leaving this one to the professionals, there’s nothing worse than wonky lines.

Court Maintenance

Tennis court maintenance doesn’t need to be difficult.

But, by taking a bit of time to invest in your court, you will ensure that it lasts for many years to come. More importantly, it will help you get back out onto the court!

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