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Looking for the right Yarra Valley Tennis Court Builder? There are a number of crucial factors to consider.

One of the most important things that should be on your list when searching for a Yarra Valley tennis court builder is to ensure they lay the best foundations.

We know that having a great-looking tennis court at your doorstep is the goal. However, if all the structural elements aren’t strong enough, you could end up with a pretty messy repair job down the track.

At Ultracourts, we make sure all of our tennis court installations are exceptional. There are so many elements that come together for a top-quality result, before the tennis court surface is even laid! We thought we’d outline some of them here to help you in the search for a tennis court builder.


The first step is to chat with your tennis court construction crew to plan out your new court. Where will it be located? What features you would like? What does your ideal timeline look like?

Do you want a multi-purpose court with additional basketball, cricket, or soccer facilities, or are you a tennis-only kind of person? What siting options do you have for the tennis court on your property, and what are the pros and cons for each? What permits are needed and with which governing body?

Materials & Accessories

There are come great surface options out there, and Ultracourts offers only the best! A popular choice is premium UltraPro synthetic grass, or tenturised monofilament – our ProTennis product is ITF 4 rated. For those who need something a little gentler, our Rebound Ace acrylic court surface is brilliant and looks amazing. It also boasts brilliant speed and responsiveness,

What other accessories do you want to include? If you are building a multi-purpose court, you can opt for a height adjustable basketball ring, netball ring, soccer goals and a cricket pitch.

Do you want a rollaway net, LED lighting, retaining walls or fencing? Ultracourts can provide them all!

Tennis Court Builder Yarra Valley

Site Works

This needs to be done properly, the first time. Failing to do so means that property owners can be hit with big repair bills well before any maintenance should be on the cards. We can arrange equipment hire, such as cranes and excavators, as part of the build.

While you get to see the finished product all the time, it’s also good to check out the work in progress so you can see just how much work goes into installing an Ultracourts tennis court. Have a look at these photos of a court we installed at Kangaroo Ground in the Yarra Valley. It involved installing 50 screw piles to a depth of 8m. Tennis court construction is no simple feat. This job had its challenges to work through, but they were well worth the effort when you see the views the owners of this property will enjoy!

If a private tennis court is on your wish list, get in touch with the team at Ultracourts today.

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