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Women’s World Cup 2023

Australians were on the edge of their seats Saturday night for the Women’s World Cup 2023 third-place decider.

Our Aussie girls had already soared past all of our expectations, even with star player Sam Kerr on the bench. Never before has any Australian soccer team made it to the semifinals!

The Match

Hosted on home soil, the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 was action packed and had everyone across the nation supporting the Matildas.

The devastating 3 – 1 loss to the Lionesses, England’s football team, was felt across the nation, but so was the pride of making it this far.

From Mackenzie Arnold’s brick wall defence in the penalty shootout to the brilliant defending from Ellie Carpenter to all of the behind the scenes moments including dance battles and card collecting, we were truly entertained.

The Matildas Women’s World Cup team saw many new faces and fresh talent grace the field and create game changing moments. Recently blooded Matildas including Courtnee Vine – scoring the winning penalty in the match against France, Mary Fowler, Alex Chidiac and Kyra Cooney-Cross. The future of soccer in Australia is looking bright.

Womens World Cup 2023 - bythewhiteline

Image Credit: @bythewhiteline

Womens World Cup 2023 - bythewhiteline

Image Credit: @bythewhiteline

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