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Why choose artificial grass for your tennis courts?

Easy to maintain, a great surface to play on – there are so many reasons why you should choose artificial grass for your tennis courts.

When it comes to artificial grass for your tennis courts, the consistent and durable surface, along with all-weather playability, makes it an excellent choice for both recreational and professional tennis facilities.

Artificial Grass for Your Tennis Courts

One of the biggest benefits (well we think so anyway!) to going with the option of artificial grass for your tennis courts means you can play all year round, at any time of day giving you the best opportunity to perfect your swing or ace that shot you’ve been practising.

One of the top reasons to go down the path of artificial grass is to ensure your court has a consistent playing surface. Unlike natural grass, which feels the impact of weather and will require more maintenance, artificial grass offers a more reliable and even playing surface.

Forget mowing, watering, weeding and fertilising when you install artificial grass. The low maintenance (plus eco-friendly and sustainable) choice usually only needs minimal work like sweeping and checking over for any random debris (think sticks, stones, leaves, etc) to ensure the court is in tip top shape for your next match.

Artificial grass is typically designed to stand up to the weather elements. It has great drainage so water runs off quickly during rainy weather and isn’t slippery or muddy like normal grass surfaces. Plus it won’t heat up during summer and won’t be affected by crazy cold conditions.

Artificial grass used for tennis courts is also designed to be highly durable and long-lasting. It can endure heavy foot traffic, intense gameplay and frequent use without significant wear and tear. You can also choose how high or dense you want it to suit your playing style. 

Whether you play for fun, you’re a little competitive or you just like to hit and giggle, get in touch with our team at Ultra Courts to find out how we can help. We’ll have you out on the court lining up that shot in no time.