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What is Padel Tennis?

Padel tennis is a fun sport that combines tennis and squash. If you’d like to experience padel tennis in Melbourne, look no further.

A great sport for players of all ages and skill levels, padel tennis is easy to pick up. Most get the basics within just 30 minutes of playing. It’s played in around 90 countries, and you too can enjoy padel tennis in Melbourne.


Padel Tennis

What Is Padel Tennis?

Combining both tennis and squash, padel tennis is quick and easy to pick up, making it ideal for players of all ages and skill levels.

Unlike tennis, padel is not dominated by strength or technique. It’s about match-craft as points are accumulated by strategy, not strength and power.

Padel is one of the fastest- growing sports in the world, played by around 25 million people across the globe. It began its popularity in Mexico, Argentina, and Spain and now it is estimated that there are courts in over 90 countries.

The basics

Padel is played with in an enclosed space like squash but share similarities with tennis.

The court looks very similar with a net in the middle and players must get the ball over the net into the opponent’s side by hitting it with a racquet.

The difference lies in the walls/fence of the enclosed court. Players are allowed to hit the ball after it bounces off a wall/fence to keep the ball in play.

Padel is most commonly played by four people in a game of doubles. The racquet is shaped like a tennis racquet, but it is shorter with no strings and perforated with holes throughout. It has a foam core with an outer shell made of fibreglass, carbon fibre or graphene. The balls look the same but are smaller in diameter. Unlike tennis, the serve is underarm, not over.

The court

The playing area of a padel court is 20×10 metres wide. Each half of the court is a perfect 10×10 metre square.

Courts are typically enclosed by a combination of perspex glass walls (or concrete) and wire mesh.

The back walls of the court should always be perspex glass and three metres high.

There are two gates at either side of the net on the side of the court and they kept open during play as the rules allow you to play a point out of the court.

The court surface may be concrete, synthetic grass or carpet.

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Padel Tennis

Like the millions of people all over the world who enjoy padel, you can too. Just call Ultra Courts today.