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What are the different types of tennis courts?

Be it constructing a new tennis court, replacing an old floor, or updating your hard court to clay or artificial grass, you and the project group need to be familiar with the distinctions between the different types of tennis courts.

Choosing the right tennis court surface is one of the essential considerations you must make during a tennis court-building project for your school, college, or sports club.


See the list below to get an idea about different tennis court surfaces.

  • Hard courts

Hard courts typically consist of layers of acrylic or synthetic material applied over a concrete or asphalt base. In some layouts, resin and rubber are also integrated. Hard courts often result in highball rebounds.


  • Clay courts

Clay courts are typically composed of unbound mineral material, such as crushed shale stone or brick, which gives them a reddish hue. Balls generally cling to and bounce high off of these surfaces.


  • Grass courts

Tennis courts made on grass are the most popular. On the grassy ground, the ball slides and exhibits predictable rebounding while moving rapidly.


Why choose artificial grass for tennis court

The ease and reduced cost of installing artificial grass tennis courts as opposed to other surfaces are one of the many reasons for its popularity.

Not only that, but the upkeep is also simple and reasonably priced. Only once a year, typically in the spring, do they require more extensive maintenance.

Plus, a tennis court made of artificial grass is safer than those made of other surfaces. A tennis court made of artificial grass also dries out rapidly and is far less slippery when it rains than other surfaces.

Hence, the players can return to the court and pick up where they left off as quickly as possible, extending the court’s operating hours.

As a result, tennis courts made of artificial grass are thought to be the best among the different types of tennis courts.

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Looking for the best artificial grass?

If you’re looking for the finest artificial grass for your sports pitch, you’ve come to the right place.

We are a Melbourne-based tennis court and sports ground installation business that serves the entire state of Victoria. Our passion is to offer premium artificial grass for various sports surfaces.

Since our grass has been carefully crafted via years of study and innovation, we are deemed to be one of the top suppliers.

As a result, our artificial grass can distinguish itself from our competitors, ensuring that you can benefit from the best solutions for your tennis courts.

We promise a high-quality solution that allows players to perform at their peak levels and spares you from time-consuming and expensive maintenance schedules.

In addition, we provide the following services:-

  • Installation of new equipment
  • Providing a wide range of tennis accessories
  • Condition reports
  • Fencing, retaining walls, landscaping
  • Lighting installation


Contact us if you are looking to build a tennis court at your premises.

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