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Victorian Blind & Low Vision Tennis – Winners

We are thrilled to share news from the recent 2023 Victorian Blind and Low Vision Tennis Open!

Held in Melbourne, this exciting event showcased the extraordinary talent and determination of blind and low-vision athletes from across Australia. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to everyone who participated and who made this tournament a resounding success.

Victorian Tennis Court Builders

Blind Tennis, also referred to as Soundball Tennis, has been brilliantly adapted for accessibility and inclusivity with consideration of the different levels of vision experienced by athletes. Modifications may include differences in the court size, net height, and racket size. The game is played with an audible ball that makes sounds during play and when it bounces. Also, the number of bounces permitted is increased based on the player’s vision-determined category.

The 2023 Victorian Blind and Low Vision Tennis Open showcased our country’s best players across several categories. In the singles categories, champions were Mark Haskett, Courtney Lewis, Michael Leigh, Samantha Hall, Ross Patterson, and Oliver Fanshawe.  Oliver Fanshawe and Courtney Lewis also took out a doubles championship as did Michael Leigh along with partner Grace Hobbs and the team of Mick Butler and Steve Obeid.

Visit Tennis Victoria for the full list of finalists and results.

Blind Tennis is a growing sport that offers individuals with vision impairments an opportunity to participate in a sport they love. As Victorian tennis court builders based in Melbourne, we take immense pride in supporting and celebrating diversity in sports. Our expertise lies in providing top-notch tennis court and sports ground installations that cater to individual needs. It gives us so much joy to help shape the next generation of sports superstars and we love helping people achieve their dreams – especially when perhaps they’ve been told their dream is too big.

We have the capability, skills, and equipment to meet almost any customer request because everyone deserves to dream, and everyone deserves to make their dreams a reality. We are Victorian tennis court builders who offer a wide range of tennis court accessories and equipment, including roll-away tennis nets, rebound walls, goals and nets, and play equipment. And, we take care of everything from excavation works to lighting.

Victorian Tennis Court Builders

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