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Top 10 Best Tennis Court Lighting Melbourne Set Ups


Let’s talk court lighting!

Lighting for your tennis court is essential for performance and safety during play in low light or at night. The right lighting not only enhances visibility but also sets the ambiance for a captivating playing experience. You may be surprised to learn how many options are available to you for tennis court lighting Melbourne but don’t worry, as always, we are here to help. 

1. Overhead Lighting

This is the standard choice for most tennis courts. A well-designed system with powerful floodlights ensures consistent brightness across the court eliminating shadows and ensuring players can see the ball clearly, no matter where it lands.


2. Low Lighting

This can create a warm and intimate ambiance for a unique and atmospheric playing experience. Strategically placed low-level lights around the court perimeter offer a beautiful aesthetic while maintaining adequate player visibility.

3. Pool and Tennis Court Lighting Melbourne

A stunning dual-purpose space can be created by combining the elegance of pool lighting with functional court illumination.

LED lights installed along the edges of the pool and court perimeter lend a touch of luxury to your tennis court area.


4. Outdoor Entertainment (including court) Lighting

This is perfect for those who enjoy hosting events, and it enhances the entire court area. Festoon lights, hanging string lights, or elegant lanterns can be installed around the court to create a delightful and inviting atmosphere.

Tennis Court Lighting

5. Motion-Activated Lighting

To conserve energy and ensure safety, consider motion-activated lighting. These lights will automatically turn on when players enter the court and switch off when it’s not in use.


6. Dimmable Lighting

Tailoring the brightness of your court is possible with dimmable lighting systems. Players can adjust the intensity of the lights to their preference making it a versatile lighting option.

Tennis Court Lighting

7. Wall Lighting

Wall-mounted lights on surrounding structures not only provide visibility but also add a modern touch to the court.

They can be angled to reduce glare and ensure a comfortable playing experience for participants.


8. Solar-Powered Lighting

The eco-conscious court owners may look to solar-powered lighting for an energy-efficient and sustainable solution.

Easily installed without the need for extensive electrical work makes them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

9. Smart Lighting Control

Smart technology allows you to integrate lighting control systems with your smartphones or tablets. Users can manage the lights remotely, schedule lighting times, and adjust brightness effortlessly.


10. Tournament-Grade Lighting

And let’s not forget about professional or tournament-level courts where it is crucial to have specialised lighting designed to meet the regulations of tennis organisations. These are high-performance systems to ensure optimal visibility and meet the requirements.


The right tennis court lighting set-up can elevate the playing experience and enhance the overall appeal of the space. Just have a look at the beauty of these court photos. Contact us today to discover the perfect lighting set-up for your tennis court.