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Top 10 – Australia’s most expensive or lavish tennis courts

Did you know a tennis court can increase your property value? We wondered about Australia’s most expensive and lavish tennis courts and thought you might be interested too. These are our Top 10 finds.

Australias Most Expensive Tennis Courts

1. Tennis World, Melbourne

With 36 courts, Tennis World Melbourne is one of Australia’s largest tennis facilities. It includes Melbourne Park and Albert Reserve courts.

2. Rod Laver Arena ($428mil construction and renovations)

Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne is the eleventh largest tennis venue in the world with the capacity to seat 14,820 spectators. It is the venue of the Australian Open.

3. Perth Arena ($548.7mil construction)

With a spectator capacity of 15,500, Perth Arena is the sixth-largest tennis venue in the world and the largest in Australia.

4. Robert Nioa’s Private Court (>$2mil)

NIOA group CEO, Robert Nioa, reportedly spent $2 million in 2021 to purchase the house next door to his Brisbane home so that he could build a Tennis Court.

5. Nyerimilang, Fraser Island (~$79mil)

Nyerimilang is one of only a few freehold private islands in the world. It has it’ own golf course, 11-bedroom house, and yes, tennis court.

6. Orrong Road, Toorak, Victoria ($38.5mil)

Noted as fourth on Australia’s most expensive property sales for 2022, is a five-bedroom house with a tennis court purchased by the 26-year-old founder of Skate.com, Ed Craven. 

Australias Most Expensive Tennis Courts

7. Bunya Hill, Sutton Forest, NSW ($6.5mil)

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban own this 1878-built property. On their 45 hectares, they have cattle, alpacas, and a tennis court. This is the 2008 price so we’re sure it’s much more now.

8. Point Piper, NSW ($130mil)

This is the most expensive private tennis court on the most expensive property in Australia. We’re not saying the tennis court is responsible, but we’re not saying it isn’t.

9. The most expensive tennis court ONLY ($1.1mil)

In Carina Heights, QLD, there is a 1075sq m block of land that is almost entirely occupied by a tennis court.

10. Villa Marseilles, Sorrento, Qld ($20mil)

On this iconic riverside trophy estate on the Gold Coast is one of the most stunning private tennis courts in the country, adorned with palm trees and overlooking the Nerang River.

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