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Tips for Artificial Grass Tennis Court Maintenance Melbourne

While it doesn’t need quite the same upkeep as your normal lawn, there’s still a few things you can do for your artificial grass tennis court maintenance.

In order to have your playing surface in pristine condition, especially if it was installed by the team at Ultracourts, we highly recommend regular artificial grass tennis court maintenance to keep things in top shape.


So what’s involved in artificial grass tennis court maintenance?

A few simple steps can go a long way to preventing your surface from needing to be replaced long before it’s necessary.


One of the easiest steps you can follow is just by keeping it clean.

The build-up of plant matter, sticks and leaf debris can cause damage to the surface and also allow foreign bacteria to encourage the growth of moss or algae, this is not something you want on your playing surface.

We encourage you to regularly remove any rubbish or plant/leaf matter that builds up.

Weeds may also pop up from time-to-time and if small enough you should be able to remove them yourself.

If there are signs of a bigger problem, which could lead to court damage, please get in touch with Ultracourts for further advice on treatment.

On a regular basis and when needed, we also recommend giving your court a sweep and gentle brush to dislodge any debris that may be sitting on the surface.


At Ultracourts we provide maintenance, repairs and resurfacing services.

This includes full resurfacing, conversions, line markings, high-pressure cleaning, in-fill top ups and professional sweeping.

All courts need regular maintenance, which is vital if you want the surface to remain aesthetically pleasing, in top shape for playing on and above all else, long lasting.

For further advice about maintaining your court surface or anything else we can assist you with relating to court surfaces or installation, please get in touch with us at Ultracourts.