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Picking the right builders for your future tennis court


How much you will enjoy the tennis game depends on your tennis court

Whether upgrading your existing tennis court or constructing a new one, you must decide from the wide range of tennis court surfaces. To get your court done right, the role of a tennis court builder plays significant importance.

Here are some things that you must look into a tennis court builder while weighing your options:


Don’t hesitate to ask questions: 

You must understand that you are not an expert in building a tennis court, and you may only be familiar with a few options.The right tennis court builders melbourne will be able to answer your questions.

However, tennis court builders may suggest various other options outside your knowledge.

Ask questions about your site, possible alternatives, materials, maintenance guidelines, and the cost estimate.

The right tennis court builders Melbourne

Experience of the tennis court builder experience:

Don’t go by the tennis court builders’ words.

Always check for their reputation, track record, and reviews from their previous clients.

Sometimes, years of experience do not matter and thus don’t always go with that. You can also try newer companies as they go above and beyond to make their clients happy and satisfied.

Ask and visit some of their previous projects and assess the quality of the work. Also, inspecting their previous projects may give you some inspiration for your new project.

Discuss your requirements: 

An excellent functioning tennis court has several characteristics, such as ball bounce, surface ease, speed, court texture, maintenance requirement, etc.

Communicate your needs to the builder and see if he can deliver the desired results.


The price may increase if you want to build a court on a hard surface. If you are considering an artificial grass tennis court, ask questions about its construction and maintenance

Request a price quote: 

If a tennis court builder claims to construct a court at the lowest minimum price, he may not be the right choice for you.

The cost of building a court largely depends on the specifications, and thus, it is always good to discuss your requirements and then ask for a quote.

If you are looking for a tennis court builder in Melbourne, we can help you construct the correct tennis court considering several factors like style, climate, location, budget, or preferences.

The right tennis court builders Melbourne

We specialise in synthetic grass surfaces or impact-friendly Rebound Ace surfaces but can-do customisations according to your requirements. We also provide tennis court equipment and accessories such as rebound walls, goals, nets, roll-away tennis nets, etc.

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The right tennis court builders Melbourne