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A home tennis court is a great way for your family to be active outdoors. There are many benefits of synthetic grass tennis courts.

There is nothing better than burning energy with the family playing in your very own tennis court. While there are several surfaces to choose from, the benefits of synthetic grass tennis courts outweigh the rest.

Let’s compare!

Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

Synthetic grass tennis courts produce ball speed, spin and bounce that is consistent over the entire surface. You can enjoy a high standard of play all year round and sub-base constructions that drain freely enable you to get back on the court soon after rain. The surface is cool in summer and non-slip in winter. As artificial tennis turfs offer good traction and absorbs impact. You also have the added bonus of using the court for other sports like cricket, basketball and hockey.

Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

This is super low maintenance when it comes to tennis court surfaces. You won’t need irrigation even through the driest summer. You can also choose your colour and style, as well as mark boundaries clearly and permanently, simplifying line calls.

Natural grass

A well-maintained natural grass court provides a fast, non-reflective and comfortable playing surface, but mostly only in summer. It can look amazing when in top condition, well-fertilised, weeded and irrigated. However, natural grass is high maintenance and will need constant care that includes irrigation, fertilisation, weeding, rolling, and mowing.



The pace of play on this surface is typically medium-slow. Asphalt is often used as a base with another surface laid over it, affecting the pace and bounce of the ball.  Many variable factors contribute to the lasting quality of the surface. Asphalt doesn’t require much maintenance but can break down or crack if the court shrinks. It can also be rougher on joints than synthetic grass.


If it’s well constructed, concrete can produce a high level of play and be used all year round. Proper drainage will enable you to get back to it after rain. This surface is not a great sight – it can be clinical in appearance. Impact is also hard and not so gentle on joints!

Synthetic grass courts have so many benefits. They look great, are easy to maintain and produce a high level of play year-round. Be sure to contact Ultracouts to get the tennis court you’ve always wanted!

Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Surface