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Maintenance of a tennis court is vital to keep up the quality of play. For tennis court resurfacing South Melbourne, look no further.

Puddles of water, damage, fading paint, cracks, and a powdery surface are all signs that your court needs to undergo maintenance. If you’re looking for tennis court resurfacing in South Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, you’ve come to the right place.

When the surface of your court starts to crack or water isn’t draining off, it will affect your quality of play. A full tennis court resurfacing like the one taking place at this South Melbourne property, is necessary to enjoy the full benefits. This type of work should be done by a specialist tennis court company.

Take note of the foundation/site works, crane hire, and accessibility at this recent job! Professionals like Ultracourts have all the knowledge and resources needed to do a proper resurface so you can promptly go back to playing quality tennis.

Tennis Court Resurfacing Melbourne

Enjoy the many benefits


Keeping fit, training for competition, or entertaining guests are just some of the benefits of having your own tennis court. It also adds value to your home, should you ever decide to put it on the market. Resurfacing your court is vital.

Ultracourts works Victoria-wide and specialises in domestic and residential tennis courts, with a wide range of services on offer.

In addition, Ultracourts provides a wide range of tennis court accessories and other equipment, including roll-away tennis nets, rebound walls, and goals.

Their tennis court surface options include synthetic grass surface or impact-friendly Rebound Ace surface. If you’re not into tennis, they can also help with cricket pitches, multi-sport courts, netball, hockey, and pickleball courts.

Having your own tennis court has many benefits. Remember to keep it well maintained so you can keep enjoying those benefits. Contact Ultracourts for all your tennis court needs.

Tennis Court Resurfacing South Melbourne
Tennis Court Resurfacing South Melbourne