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Choosing Professional Lighting for Your Tennis Court

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own tennis court, now is the time to have one installed.

And you should always remember to have adequate tennis court lighting.

While many households in Australia have tennis courts, the one thing that is often lacking is good tennis court lighting.

Don’t make the same mistake. Hire professionals who know how to make your court shine bright.


Shine Bright with Our Professional Tennis Court Lighting in Melbourne

Sure, playing tennis is the daytime is fun. But it’s even more fun at night. Whether you and your family want to keep fit, or just play as a casual pastime, entertaining guests at night with a little twilight tennis is a great way to unwind.



Some factors to consider when lighting your court

For purely recreational use, 100 lux is all that is required to see the ball. The Australian standard for recreational use happens to be 250 lux, and that is what you will need for more serious playing.

Ensure that no light spills at ground level. This will mean that your neighbours have no problem with your lit tennis court. Lights that mount horizontally are ideal.

Pole height for domestic courts should be kept as low as possible to minimise glare and over-spill light. A height of six to eight metres is usually sufficient. With lower poles, more are needed. About six poles would be needed to achieve 250 lux.

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Hire trusted professionals to install your court

Ultracourts is a Melbourne-based company specialising in tennis court and sports ground installation Victoria-wide. They will take care of everything, from planning to installing to maintenance.

They provide the following services:

Construction – excavation, steelwork, drainage

Maintenance – repairs, resurfacing, line markings, high pressure cleaning, sweeping

Fencing – walls and landscaping

Light installation

Accessories – roll-away tennis nets, rebound walls, play equipment


Treat yourself and your family by having a tennis court installed. With the right lighting to provide enjoyable play all year round, it’s a great investment to make.

Contact Ultracourts to start planning.