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Tennis Court Lighting Melbourne – UltraCourts

Hit the court and play a match as the sun fades away. Worry less about need illumination. Above all we’ve got you covered with tennis court lighting Melbourne – Ultra Courts.

With our tennis court lighting Melbourne – Ultra Courts, we work to ensure you have the best lights. Meanwhile keeping within council requirements to limit any potential light spillage or pollution.

If you have a vision for your tennis court lighting Melbourne – Ultra Courts can help illuminate it. Check out what some of our happy customers have already had installed. View our latest work collection, and get inspiration.

Tennis Court Lighting Melbourne - UltraCourts

Frequently Asked Tennis Court Lighting Questions

So, what are tennis lights called?
  • In the past most tennis courts have used metal halide light systems.
    However, now LED lights are the way to go for better lighting and even saving on energy.
Does choosing LED lights have benefits?
  • The biggest benefit you will likely notice is LED lights are more efficient to run (only using about 500 watts).
    Ultimately reducing your electricity bills. Similarly they also have a longer service life.
What is spill light?
  • The light produced by metal halides is omnidirectional, meaning that light is produced in every direction. This creates problems for sporting arenas like tennis courts, because there is no directional focus. In addition, increasing the amount of unwanted spill light. Ultimately, LED lamp light is directional and minimises the chances of unwanted spill light.
How many lights do you need for a tennis court?
  • The quantity of light required is expressed on an average lux level. Which can be determined by how much tennis will be played. Recreational and residential average levels are 250 lux. The number of light fittings will depend on how big your court is. Allowing for the correct amount of distribution could vary between four to eight lights.
Why would you need lighting on your tennis court?
  • For those who like to play when it’s cooler or those who have limited time for a hit, lighting up your tennis court is the way to go if you’re playing at night. Likewise you need the lighting so you can see the ball, net, and layout of the court.
Tennis Court Lighting Melbourne - UltraCourts

Lastly, want to know more about your tennis court lighting options? Speak to the team at Ultra Courts to find out more.

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