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Tennis Court Codes Of Practice

When it comes to building a tennis court in your backyard, how much do you know about the tennis court codes of practice?

The tennis court codes of practice are in place and outline the considerations, objectives, and performance requirements to be applied to the construction, use of, and addition of lighting for private tennis courts. Under this code, a planning permit isn’t needed if all requirements are met.


Tennis Court Codes Of Practice

Structured to achieve consistency and sensitivity of design, the tennis court codes of practice covers seven distinct elements including:

  • The location of the court
  • Fencing and enclosures
  • Site works
  • Landscaping
  • Lighting
  • Privacy
  • Methods of construction

Each of these elements need to be addressed by developers to ensure the tennis court is compliant with the code. If a planning permit is then required, developers will also need to show they are meeting the objectives in each of these elements.

Court location

This decision should be based on a full evaluation of the site conditions and the impact it could have on other adjoining residences. The position of a private court must be at least 3 metres from a street frontage. It must also be at least 3 metres from an adjoining dwelling if there is lighting.

Fencing and enclosures

These structures need to be high-quality in their appearance and not look unruly or made from intrusive colours.

Site works

Minimal disturbance to existing conditions with acceptable standards of construction to be put in place to avoid affecting any neighbouring properties.


Any vegetation needs to be considered with the location, size and construction of a tennis court, with minimal removal where possible.


Consideration needs to be given for adjoining areas with potential impact for glare, appearance and noise.


All neighbouring properties need to be considered in regard to their privacy. Tennis courts need to be built in an area that isn’t directly overlooking a neighbouring property or will affect them with noise.

Tennis Court Codes Of Practice

Methods of construction

When in the construction stage, planning must occur to avoid excessive disruption to the surrounding area. Matters that need to be considered include access to the site itself, hours of construction work and removing/importing materials.

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