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Private Tennis Court Builder Red Hill
Private Tennis Court Builder Red Hill
Private Tennis Court Builder Red Hill

Tennis Court Builders Red Hill


For our latest work, we visited Red Hill in the Mornington Peninsula to build a tennis court. As you can see from the photos, the job was on a large property flaunting vast, green lands, making it ideal for a tennis court!

Red Hill Is Great For Tennis Courts
The main thing that really caught our eye when visiting Red Hill as tennis court builders was just how expansive the properties were. Indeed, this is a tennis player’s dreamland, with ample space for full-sized courts, seating, fencing, and more. There’s also loads to do in the neighbourhood, including an assortment of artisan vineyards, esteemed craftspeople, and popular restaurants. If you’re searching for a unique property to purchase in a superb yet unique location, then we absolutely recommend Red Hill!

As pictured, the owner of this Red Hill tennis court boasts substantial property, allowing for a genuine regulation-sized court to be constructed. While we have numerous clients in inner-city Melbourne, their tennis courts often dominate the entire backyard, leaving little room for other spaces like deckings, pools, and gardens. This can actually decrease property value, as it may turn off potential buyers who aren’t big fans of tennis. However, if the property is complemented by several other outdoor entertainment spaces and trimmings, then it will no doubt entice all who visit, like this one in Red Hill.

Added Value
During the pandemic era, more and more houses were renovated to cater towards life at home. While it’s relatively easy to install home cinemas and other entertainment systems, facilities for outdoor exercise are tricky. That’s why the humble tennis court is increasingly being seen as the go-to solution for an active everyday lifestyle. Alongside tennis, they can host a wealth of games like soccer, badminton, cricket, and more, bringing all the benefits of a gym or sports centre onto your property.

So, if you have the extra space, and are seeking a value-adding way to fill it, contact us today to get your dream tennis court kick-started!