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Tennis Court Lighting

As tennis enthusiasts, we at ULTRACOURTs Tennis Courts understand the thrill of the game!
The feeling of the swift backhands, the precise volleys and the adrenaline rush with each point won.

But what if the sun sets early and the winter chill starts to creep in? What if the joy of playing this exhilarating sport is bound by daylight no more?

Investing in tennis court lighting can transform your tennis experience, offering significant benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.

Here’s why you should illuminate with tennis court lighting:


Play Into the Night

Why reduce your tennis competitions to just in the day?

The most obvious advantage of court lighting is that it allows for play after dark. No more rushing to finish matches before sunset! Whether you want to keep practicing at night, host evening tournaments, or simply squeezing in a quick game after work, ULTRACOURTS Tennis Courts offers lighting that creates that flexibility!

Tennis Court lighting

Brighten Your Winter Days

When the cooler months come into play, the days get shorter, that sunlight seems to get away from us.

Winter months often bring shorter days and longer nights, posing a challenge for tennis enthusiasts. But with tennis court lighting, you can defy the darkness and continue enjoying your favourite sport throughout the colder seasons. Say goodbye to seasonal interruptions and hello to keeping your skills sharp all year round.


Safety Comes First!

Playing tennis in poorly lit conditions can be dangerous. Proper tennis court lighting ensures optimal visibility, reducing the risk of tripping and collisions. It also enhances visibility of the ball, making the game both safer and more enjoyable for you and your competition.

Ask us, ULTRACOURTS, on how to make your tennis court safer!



Tennis Court lighting 2
Tennis Court lighting 3

Cost Effective Solution

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune installing tennis court lighting, despite what many people think.

Energy-efficient design features of contemporary tennis court lighting solutions make them more affordable than those of conventional lighting systems.

Specifically, LED fixtures uses less energy and has a longer lifespan, which translates easily to lower maintenance expenses and longer-term savings.

Moreover, technological developments at ULTRACOURTS Tennis Courts have simplified tennis court lighting installation, making it a feasible choice for all tennis enthusiasts.



Additional Considerations

  • Local Regulations: Check with your local council or homeowner’s association for any regulations regarding outdoor lighting in your area.
  • Installation: Hire a qualified electrician to ensure proper and safe installation of your lighting system.
  • Type of Lighting: LED lights are the recommended choice for their energy efficiency, longevity, and optimal illumination.

The Bottom Line

Playing at night is just another way to enjoy the fantastic game of tennis.

And by investing in tennis court lighting, you’ll have more freedom to play whenever you want, similar to our professional players at the Australian Open.

If you’re interested in taking the competition into the night, get in touch with the team at ULTRACOURTS Tennis Courts to learn more about tennis court lighting.