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Synthetic grass tennis court vs real grass

When it comes to choosing the right playing surface, here’s why we recommend a synthetic grass tennis court builder.


Fancy a match of tennis right in the comfort of your own backyard?

Whether you’re just an avid fan of the game, like to hit a few aces or have a bit of fun with the family, a synthetic grass tennis court is both a practical and convenient choice in the long run.

A synthetic grass tennis court will outlast their natural grass equivalents because they are designed to require less maintenance and upkeep with a surface that is manufactured specifically to cope with high traffic. Along with all that they can be used in pretty much all weather conditions.

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Test it For Yourself

If you haven’t had the opportunity to step foot on a synthetic grass tennis court before, do yourself a favour and make it happen or call us and we can make it happen for you!

Along with looking good, there are many advantages to using synthetic grass for your tennis court, including:


  • Low maintenance – synthetic grass doesn’t need watering, fertiliser or mowing like real grass. Instead you just need to brush away any debris like leaf matter that builds up.
  • Low on cost – They are cost effective because they require less maintenance and last longer than their real counterparts.
  • The safety factor – Synthetic grass provides a softer surface in case someone has a fall, helping to prevent serious injuries. It also helps with the impact factor on key areas including ankles and knees.
  • Surface consistency – Using synthetic grass allows for the same height and thickness across the court surface.
  • Durability – Tennis can become a very physical game, whether it’s in the backyard or part of a community event. A synthetic court is designed to handle the pressure of high use and won’t experience wear and tear like a real grass court.


If tennis is your game, we can get the ball rolling on the court whenever you are game, set and match ready. If hitting the court is on your agenda in the future, get in touch with Ultracourts to sort out all the details.

Ultracourts is a Synthetic grass tennis court builder.

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Choosing a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court builder
synthetic grass tennis court builder