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Shoot for the Top with Our Melbourne Sports Court Construction Services

sports court construction

You must opt for sports court construction services if you require an adaptable, secure, and reasonably priced athletic flooring area for your games (multi-purpose court). These courts are the ideal option for those participating in or competing in various sports throughout the week.

Do you enjoy participating in multiple sports to increase your fitness level and develop your playing style? Whether you participate in sports for fun or competitions, you need high-quality court surfaces for practice, and the best game options are outdoor multi-sport courts.


Looking to build a sports court in your backyard? You can’t beat our sports court construction services.

Being a Melbourne-based tennis court and sports ground installation company that operates Victoria-wide. We specialise in domestic and residential works, predominantly tennis courts and cricket pitches.

Highly skilled and knowledgeable sports court aficionados providing customers with courts of the highest quality and functionality.

We assist you whether you want to establish a cricket court or are looking for a commercial tennis court.

And install top-notch tennis courts.

Regular players will be aware that the quality of the surface may make or break your game. We offer premium surfaces with the right amount of bounces.

These playing surface tiles come with a warranty to ensure your pleasure and will always provide you with a flawless game.

A large area in your yard can be ideal for a private cricket pitch where players can improve their skills if the cricket pitch is built creatively, ideal for spending time with children.

Providing customised services, letting our clients choose everything from the court’s size to its flooring.  Design and modify your new sports court to meet your requirements.

We accommodate both your allocated area and all of your sporting needs.

Allow our professional, licensed sport court contractors to build your new game court surface to save time and avoid the hassle.


We regularly evaluate our construction processes through in-depth material testing, surface comparisons, and client feedback.

This enables us to decide which surface will fit the house or sports complex the best.

We provide the following services:

  • Construction, including civil works such as steelwork, drainage, and excavation required for the job
  • Maintenance, repairs, and resurfacing, which include complete resurfacing, conversions, line markings, high-pressure cleaning, infill top-ups, professional sweeping
  • Installation of new equipment (wickets, nets, gates)
  • Condition reports
  • Fencing, retaining walls, landscaping
  • Lighting installation
  • Tennis court accessories and other equipment, including roll-away tennis nets, rebound walls, goals and nets, and play equipment.

We can build the following:

  • Tennis Courts – using either synthetic grass surface or impact-friendly Rebound Ace surface.
  • Cricket Pitches
  • Multisport Courts
  • Netball, Hockey, and Pickel ball Courts

If you want to create a stunning outdoor environment that is sports-focused, get in touch with us immediately and let’s start building your court.