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Pickle-Ball court construction Melbourne

Specialized Pickle-Ball Courts – the fun and fast paced sport of pickle-ball has gained immense popularity.

With specialised pickle-ball court construction in Melbourne, you can have your own court! 

Specialised Pickle-Ball Court Construction Melbourne

Space Effective

Pickle-ball combines tennis, table tennis and badminton. The game only takes up the equivalent of half a tennis court.

Specialised pickle-ball court construction in Melbourne makes it possible for you to play it whenever you want at home.

Specialised Pickle-ball Court Construction Services:

Pickle-ball is a social sport, taking only minutes to learn and is great for all ages. It’s fun to play with friends and family – in fact it has become so popular that approximately 6 million people play it in the US.

There’s nothing Australians love more than fun and social sports so understandably; it is quickly gaining popularity here too.

Pickle-ball is also fast paced, making it a fantastic way to keep fit, yet it’s easy on your joints. There really isn’t a better sport for all ages than this!

Have Your Own Pickle-ball Court:

Ultracourts are a Melbourne-based tennis and sports ground installation company operating Victoria-wide. They specialise in domestic and residential works, helping you add value to your home.

With their skills, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment, they can build and customise a pickle-ball court to suit your needs

From A-Z, They Take Care of Everything for You

From the initial outline to the construction and finishing touches, Ultracourts has years of experience giving customers exactly what they want, with the space they have.

Ultracourts provide the following services and more:

Construction, including excavation, steel-work and drainage;

Maintenance, resurfacing and repairs, including high pressure cleaning and professional sweeping;

Fencing, retaining walls, landscaping;

Lighting installation and Installation of new equipment – roll-away nets, goals, rebound walls etc


The price may increase if you want to build a court on a hard surface.

If you are considering an artificial grass tennis court, ask questions about its construction and maintenance.

Specialised Pickle-Ball Court Construction Melbourne

Enjoy The Fun At Home!

Enjoy the high-energy, low impact sport of specialised pickle-ball courts n the comfort of your own home, whenever you like.

With family, with friends, it’s all good – just call Ultracourts to get started today!

If you are looking for someone to talk to about installing or maintaining your sports court, contact us for detailed discussion.