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Mornington is as unique as it is stunning. Bushlands and beaches, who wouldn’t want to live there? A wicked tennis court is just the cherry on the cake.
At Ultracourts, love building courts and we love Morninginon, so today, we invite you to come with us on a trip down memory lane to revisit some of our favorite tennis court builds in the area.

A Bushy Haven

First up, let’s start with this beauty nestled amidst lush foliage. We love the bold look this client opted for by selecting a contrasting blue court surface. It’s truly a harmonious choice that adds vibrancy to the bushy landscape. The high fence enveloping the court ensures privacy and security.

There was already ample natural light illuminating the area so we added strategically placed lighting to extend playtime into the night. What sets this build apart is its openness; there’s a deliberate space between the court fence and the property fence, inviting family and spectators to watch the game without feeling confined.

Blue Tennis Court
Tennis court 2

The Rural Retreat

Evoking a sense of countryside tranquility, this tennis court exudes a rustic charm that resonates with its surroundings. The dark, lush green court, enclosed within a full fence with partially netted sections, seamlessly integrates into the rural landscape. Lighting installation ensures this court is ready for action any time of the day or night.

We love that this court feels like a focal point of community activity, fostering a sense of camaraderie among players and neighbors alike. We love how this court stands as a testament to the beauty of blending man-made structures with nature, creating a harmonious environment that feels both welcoming and familiar.

An Aerial Oasis

This one is stunning and perched atop a flat expanse offering sweeping views, we love how this tennis court build embodies the epitome of airy elegance. In addition to tennis, the multisport court includes a basketball hoop, catering to diverse recreational interests. Thanks to the favourable terrain, excavation was a breeze, facilitating the construction process.
The beauty of the verdant grass court seamlessly merges with the landscape, appearing as though it was always meant to grace the terrain. While a high protective fence ensures safety where warranted, it doesn’t detract from the natural ambiance. Ample lighting ensures that the fun doesn’t end with the setting sun, allowing players to indulge in their passion even after dusk.

Tennis court 1

Mornington may be the New Home of Tennis

Each of these Mornington tennis court builds tells a story of personalised preference, environmental integration, and family and community engagement. From vibrant bushy hideaways to tranquil rural retreats and elevated aerial oases, these courts not only provide a space for athletic pursuits but also serve as focal points for connection, relaxation, and enjoyment amidst the beauty of Mornington’s landscapes.


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