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So Many Options for Your Melbourne Tennis Court

Tennis courts are a fantastic investment.


Whether you’re buying your first one, or you’re looking to have some maintenance done.

There are options out there for every Melbourne tennis court owner.

And Ultracourts, are happy to tend to all your sporting needs.


Have a read of the guide below as we take you through your tennis court options

Your Melbourne Tennis Court


Sure, it’s more about the surface than it is about aesthetics…

But everyone wants a court that looks good.

Thankfully, the team at Ultracourts are happy to provide a range of colour options so you don’t have to compromise on quality.


Ultracourts are lucky enough to offer several different court surfaces. 

From synthetic grass to impact-friendly Rebound Ace surface.

They’ll find a court surface, no matter which material you prefer.

Your Melbourn Tennis Court


Keep your court in great shape through regular maintenance and upkeep.

Not only does Ultracourts provide a variety of surfaces, but they also provide advice.

If you’re unsure what your court needs, they’ll be happy to sort you out.

Finally, they’ll provide you with a condition report, so you’ll be updated on everything.



Your Melbourne Tennis Court


Don’t need a new court, but might need some accessories?

Ultracourts sell a wide range of products including roll-away tennis nets, rebound walls, goals and nets and play equipment.

Keep your game in tip-top shape by investing in the accessories you need to practice.


When it comes to tennis courts, every customer will need something different.

Regardless of your colour or surface preferences, the team at Ultracourts would love to help you find what you need.

Moreover, they’ll assist when it comes to maintenance, accessories and provide advice on anything and everything tennis court related!

Now stop reading and start playing, it’s time to make your tennis court dreams come true.


Are you looking at getting a new Melbourne tennis court?