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Should you have an Acrylic Surface Tennis Court in Melbourne?

Tennis and cricket are much-loved sports in Melbourne. The acrylic Tennis Court surfaces is a popular choice among the many types of courts.

But sometimes, they are hard to find, especially in the peak season. It is probably a good idea then to invest in a home-court so you can play a game of tennis whenever you fancy one!


Whom should you contact?

A reputed company, preferably Melbourne-based, that specialises in tennis courts. You might want to look for one that deals with residences and domestic courts.

We handle all kinds of requests for a variety of tennis Court surfaces, but we focus predominantly on tennis and cricket pitches.



Our services

  • We provide everything you need to have a fully-functional tennis court or a cricket pitch. We begin with civil work such as excavation, steelwork, and drainage required for the job. Then, we get to the construction of the court.


  • We also undertake repair, maintenance, full resurfacing, conversion of courts, line markings, high-pressure cleaning, in-fill top-ups, professional sweeping of your court, and much more. So, you can always call us when you feel the need for some touch-up for your court.


  • Already have a tennis court and want a cricket pitch? We will help you install new equipment such as nets, gates, wickets, and whatnot.


  • We also give you good condition reports. You can trust us to help you utilize your courts in the most efficient manner possible.


  • If you’d like to beautify your court and give it a professional look, we also provide fencing, retaining walls, and landscaping services!


  • Love playing at night? Don’t worry. We got you covered with our light installation services!


  • Thanks to our wide range of tennis court accessories and other equipment, including roll-away tennis nets, rebound walls, goals, and nets, and play equipment, you can have an entire tennis tournament.


  • While we are specialists in tennis courts and cricket pitches, we also build multisport courts for netball, hockey, and pickleball.


Just give us a call, and we promise you an unforgettable sporting experience!