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A Spotlight on Melbourne Tennis Court spotlights

Tennis Court spotlights

There are plenty of reasons to brighten up your tennis courts. Melbourne tennis court spotlights are a great way to make your outdoor settings shine.

If you have a tennis court, there’s no point spending all that money if you’re going to let it go to waste.

Installing some Melbourne tennis court spotlights will give you extra incentive to play tennis well into the night.


Australian summers are notoriously hot, even in Melbourne.


Exercising during the warmer months can be uncomfortable, and even dangerous. But with Melbourne tennis court lights, you can make the most of those cool summer evenings and get a nice workout under the stars.

Ultra Courts light installations illuminate the entire court and let you see everything you need to have a fun match.

A friendly (even competitive) tennis match between family and friends is the perfect way to pass the time on an endless summer night, and having it all lit up adds a touch of magic to the game.


Ultra Courts should be your go-to when you think of Melbourne tennis court spotlights.

Operating Victoria-wide, we are a Melbourne-based tennis court and sports ground installation.

We specialise in domestic and residential works, but our biggest focus is beautiful, functional tennis courts.

There is a range of services in the installation of sports grounds and equipment, so if you’re passionate about sport or just want to work some more exercise into your routine, contact Ultra Courts.

Whether you already have a tennis court or are waiting for the right time to have one installed, Ultra Courts can help you.

Our Melbourne tennis court spotlights are a great addition to any sports ground, done professionally by qualified experts.

Ultra Courts can keep your tennis court in top coniditon with maintenance services and new equipment, making you the envy of all your neighbours.

If you want to make the most of your tennis court by installing some incredible light fixtures, get in touch with Ultra Courts today.