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Having your own tennis court is a luxury that you deserve. Just check out this work by Ultracourts, the top Residential Tennis Court Builder Wonga Park.

Ultracourts is a Melbourne-based residential tennis court builder responsible for amazing installations like the one at this Wonga Park property. Your own tennis court is the perfect tool for keeping fit, a great way to entertain guests and adds value to your property.

This residential tennis court builder Wonga Park can install tennis courts, cricket pitches and other sports surfaces. The Wonga Park Area has large properties that provide the perfect base for tennis courts.

This beautiful tennis court was constructed at a Wonga Park home, overlooking the Dandenongs and making amazing use of a large area. The owners were thrilled with the final result, from the green of the court to the impressive LED lighting and lovely landscaping.

The Benefits of Having Your Own Tennis Court

Tennis has long been a sport that enables you to keep fit and increase your endurance levels. There is nothing better than releasing the stresses of everyday life over a game of tennis. It also makes for great entertainment when you’re having guests over. A little friendly competition is good for the soul! Or perhaps you would like your kids to have a sporting focus. Starting them early may set them up for a successful career.

Added Value to Your Home

These days, tennis courts are becoming very popular and are now a common request from homebuyers. A tennis court on your property will very likely add value to your home, should you ever want to put it on the market.


They can build tennis courts (synthetic grass or impact-friendly Rebound Ace surface), cricket pitches, multi-sport courts, netball, hockey and pickleball courts

There are countless benefits to having your own tennis court. Talk to Ultracourts to get started.