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Tennis Court Landscaper Vermont

If you’ve ever thought of having your own tennis court, you can. You can hire a private tennis court installer just like this one in Vermont.

The private tennis court installer who worked on this Vermont property can install one just like it at your home. Just think about the fun you will have being able to play tennis whenever you want.

Private Tennis Court Installer in Vermont and Surroundings

The Vermont area is green and leafy with beautiful properties where tennis courts are not uncommon. Just like this property, you can have your own court too. Perhaps you want to enjoy the great health benefits or get your kids training young. Or maybe you want it to be a fantastic way to entertain guests. Tennis courts are in big demand, and it will likely add value to your home as well.

Let the experts help bring your vision to life.

Ultracourts is a reputable Melbourne-based company that specializes in tennis court and sports ground installation. They operate Victoria-wide, installing residential courts. Their expertise lies in synthetic grass surfaces or impact-friendly Rebound Ace surface used in professional arenas.



Ultracourts has state-of-the-art equipment and will take care of everything, from A to Z. They provide the following services:

  • Construction, including Civil Works like excavation, steelwork and drainage.
  • Maintenance, repairs and resurfacing – including conversions, line markings high pressure cleaning, professional sweeping.
  • Installation of new equipment, such as a nets, gates, wickets.
  • Lighting installation, fencing, retaining walls and landscaping.

They will also provide you with condition reports and a wide range of tennis accessories and equipment like roll-away tennis nets, rebound walls, goals and nets.

It doesn’t just stop at tennis. Ultracourts can also install cricket pitches, netball, hocky, multisport and pickleball courts.

Your dream of having your own tennis court could turn into a reality sooner than you think. Contact Ultracourts to discuss.

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