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Cricket Grounds

Ahhh, the cricket ground. The Aussie essential, where battles are fought and friendships cemented

But what makes a cricket ground a worthy battlefield? It’s not as simple as dropping in a wicket and Bob’s your uncle (unless Uncle Bob has a makeshift backyard thing going on). No, what makes a cricket pitch really stand out is its character and community.

Upclose cricket equipment

First over

It’s also not just about mowing a lawn and marking out a haphazard pitch.

We cringe at the thought!

If you want to go beyond Uncle Bob’s backyard game at Christmas and create a space for community and camaraderie, it’s going to require leveling, ensuring optimal drainage, spectator safety (cricket balls hit hard), lighting, and maintenance.


Hit for 6

One of the most remarkable aspects of a cricket ground is its versatility.

Believe it or not, you don’t need to choose a cookie-cutter stock standard pitch, you can have something much more, you. Design a cricket ground that is uniquely suited to your space and community needs.

Make your space more inclusive, more accessible, more aesthetically purposeful, more open, more whatever it is you need.

How’s that!

Something that makes cricket such an Aussie iconic pastime, is its natural propensity to bring together a community of people for one of the world’s most integrious games.

Whether it’s a local club, school, or competition, the cricket ground invites us in and challenges us to challenge ourselves because a cricket ground is so much more than just a venue for a sporting game.

It’s a central hub for socialising, exercise, and self-improvement no matter your age or skill level. It’s a place for everyone.

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Don’t be a chucker

Behind every great cricket ground lies the craftsmanship and dedication of companies like ours. We pride ourselves on superior installations and an unwavering commitment to excellence, but we don’t just build cricket grounds.

We build an experience for your community. We build it so they can come. The rest, is up to you. Contact us today!