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Multisport Surfaces for Your Melbourne Home

multisport surface

A Multisport Surface is the best option should you have different sporting interests and limited space.

Sports, in a way, are highly crucial for healthy living, especially in today’s fast, hectic, and bottle-necked world. Sports stand for excitement and willpower, whether they are indoor or outdoor.

Hence, having a surface of the correct standard is crucial to make the sport more pleasurable. Finding the right balance to allow the multiple uses of the court is essential because each sport has a preferred surface.


Can’t settle on which type of court you want in your Melbourne home? Opt for “the company’s” multisport surfaces to get everything you want in one court

We are a Melbourne-based tennis court and sports ground installation company that operates Victoria-wide. We construct multisport surfaces that last for a lifetime.

Our advanced construction techniques, technology, and decades of experience have made it possible for us to construct multisport surfaces so that players can play various sports on the same court, maximising the available space and having the option to play any sport time.

By choosing to buy our sports court, you can ensure you have the best decision.

We have a reputation for constructing top-quality tennis courts and cricket pitches.

Our team of experts is more than ready to offer advice and collaborate with you to help you build your dream court. When building a multisport surface, “The Company” is the best option, thanks to selecting the appropriate surface, related civil works, attention to detail, and experience in the field.


Our services

  • Construction, including civil works such as steelwork, drainage, and excavation required for the job.
  • Fencing, retaining walls, landscaping.
  • Installation of new equipment (wickets, nets, gates).
  • Lighting installation and Condition reports.
  • Maintenance, repairs, and resurfacing, which include complete resurfacing, conversions, line markings, high-pressure cleaning, infill top-ups, and professional sweeping.
  • Tennis court accessories and other equipment, including roll-away tennis nets, rebound walls, goals, nets, and play equipment.


Our expertise includes

  • Tennis Courts – using either synthetic grass surface or impact-friendly Rebound Ace surface.
  • Cricket Pitches
  • Multisport Courts
  • Netball, Hockey, and Pickel ball Courts


If you want to create a stunning outdoor environment that is Multisport Surfaces – focused, get in touch with us and let’s start building your court.


Multisport surface - school in Echuca