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Multi-purpose sporting courts in your own backyard

Finding ways to enjoy outdoor activities can be a challenge these days. But how easy would it be if your very own backyard was home to an epic multi-purpose sporting court?

Because these courts are designed to accommodate a range of sports, they offer families and sports enthusiasts a space to play basketball, soccer, netball, and more. You know we love our multi-purpose sporting courts so we wanted to showcase a few options for you.

Maybe you’ll see just what is possible.



Single Courts

From the iconic bounce of basketballs to the swift exchanges in tennis, single-purpose courts provide dedicated spaces for specific sports. Whether shooting hoops or perfecting serves, these courts offer enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge in their favorite activities with precision and focus. But why have one court when you can level up with multi-purpose sporting courts?

Multi purpose basketball court

Multi-purpose courts

Sometimes you feel like tennis, and sometimes, you feel like basketball. With a multi-purpose sporting court, you don’t have to choose. With markings and equipment accommodating various sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball, pickleball, soccer, and more, they provide endless possibilities for recreation and fitness.

When we design a court, it’s never stock standard. That’s why every court we build is unique. Combine tennis and basketball and add in a cricket pitch? Sure, we’ve done that. Multi-purpose sporting courts are great for variety and to tick off everyone’s preferences. Have a look at some of these courts we’ve created. Like we said, no two are the same.


Custom Courts

But what if you want ALL the sports? Well, you can have them even if your space is limited. Colour coding is your friend when it comes to layering. Look at what we did with these epic multi-purpose sporting courts. Even with the limited footprint, we were able to jam-pack these courts with everything the clients wanted by defining the zones with different colours. Custom courts can be designed to include all the sports even in a tiny space – within reason, of course.


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Multi purpose tennis court

Is your backyard ready to play?


Multi-purpose sporting courts redefine the backyard game. No longer do you have to be content with just one sporting court even if you have limited space. Multi-purpose sporting courts offer convenience, versatility, and personalisation. Not to mention, they are a nice boost to your property value!




Give us a call and we’ll discuss what it would look like for you to have a multi-purpose sporting court tailored to your needs.