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Melbourne tennis court owners make money

In Australia, tennis is experiencing a resurgence of popularity with the record-smashing Australian Open held in January 2023.

This rising popularity has made Melbourne tennis court owners huge winners.
Due to this growing love for tennis, many people in your neighbourhood seek opportunities to play tennis. However, they are unhappy with the conditions of city courts given that most of these public tennis courts are often overcrowded. People are hence pushed to make advanced bookings and get a chance to play only after a few days.

In such situations, Melbourne tennis court owners can help tennis aficionados play and enjoy and earn money on their private property.

With having your own Melbourne tennis court, you can rent out your tennis court so that people can come, play and pay for the use of your court. The best part of renting out is that it is a simple, stress-free solution. Your tennis court can earn you money from your own home. In addition, you can always get details related to payments and reservations with the websites where you advertise your court.

How can you earn money with your tennis courts?

Once you register your tennis court for rent with companies like Swimply, who will list several options for people visiting their website. People will search for nearby courts, read reviews and select the court that suits their requirements.
Once selected, they will book, and will confirm the booking by you (homeowner). You can either give an instant booking or suggest a nearby date.
Once confirmed, they will email the person with the court address, entry/exit instructions, and other details. People will visit and play.
You will receive an online payment automatically. If people who played on your court enjoyed playing, they will also get the chance to write a review and share your listing with friends and family.

Melbourne tennis court owners make money

How does listing your tennis courts for rent benefit people?

• They can book new tennis courts with out having to deal with the public – great for shy and budding tennis players
• They get unique courts to play on and have a new playing experience
• They can play hassle-free in an uncrowded environment

If you are a Melbourne tennis court owner and want to list your court for rent, try Swimply. They will provide you with all the information you will need!

If you are thinking of renting out your tennis court Ultracourts can help get your tennis court rental ready by  engaging our tennis court resurfacing and maintenance services.