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Melbourne Tennis Court Maintenance

Maintaining your tennis court is the key to quality play, all year long. For your Melbourne tennis court maintenance, Ultra Courts has you sorted.

Just as you would maintain any other part of your home or vehicle, a tennis court requires care to get the best return on your investment, and the quality of play will remain at a high level. Melbourne tennis court maintenance is a mere phone call away.

Melbourne Tennis Court Maintenance - UltraCourts

Melbourne Tennis Court Maintenance

Even if you’ve invested in a durable artificial or clay court, regular maintenance is vital.


The surface should remain even, so a player can’t slip, trip or twist an ankle while playing.


With better surface, the better the playing conditions. It will mean a more enjoyable experience for everyone.


Water and debris left on a court can lead to damage over time and higher repair costs. Removing water and sweeping can prevent issues from popping up. Those can be costly.


Atennis court is a beautiful addition to any property. A well-maintained court can add value to your home.

Maintaining A Synthetic Grass Court

Every type of surface has specific requirements. Ultra Courts can install courts of every surface type but specialises in synthetic grass courts including Rebound Ace.

Regular maintenance of a synthetic grass court should make it last 15-20 years. You need a recognised service provider with specialised equipment and processes like Ultra Courts, who not only builds courts, but carries out maintenance too.

Some tips:

Service your court every six to 12 months

Ensure sand is at the correct level

Repair tears as they appear

Carry out an annual chemical free mould treatment.

Why Resurfacing Is Important

Rips and tears in synthetic surfacing can lead to trips and falls.

Resurfacing every few years will ensure a smooth and even surface – it is much safer and will ensure a positive playing experience for all.

Resurfacing your court will also keep it looking fresh and therefore add value to your property.

Ultra Courts Does It All

Ultra Courts operates Victoria-wide. They take care of the entire process.

Designing, construction and excavation, steelworks and drainage

Installation of new equipment like nets

Fencing, retaining walls and landscaping

Lighting installation

Full maintenance and repairs, including resurfacing and cleaning.

Melbourne Tennis Court Maintenance - UltraCourts

You can have the tennis court you’ve always wanted and have years of quality play. Just ask Ultra Courts to show you how.  

Speak to the team at Ultra Courts to find out more.

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