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tennis court installation

Is the Only Thing Missing, a Tennis Court?

Thinking of a Tennis Court Installation on your property, perhaps you thought the idea was too big to consider.

Maybe you haven’t even thought about it and this blog has piqued your interest or you haven’t found an installation company that you trust to give you that personal service to make your own private tennis court something special.

Well, never fear – You found us!

There are so many great reasons to install your own tennis court and so many great reasons to speak to us about your tennis court installation in Melbourne.

We’ll tell you more!

Imagine having your very own tennis court

There’s the obvious advantage of easy access health and fitness right in your yard. But it’s also a social benefit. Imagine getting out there with family and friends and having fun while you exercise.

How good would it feel to wake up on the weekend, the long work week behind you, eager to hit the tennis court?

The thought of lobbing a few balls with your loved ones, enjoying the sun and the outdoors, bringing a smile to your face.

How much better would it feel if that didn’t involve anything more than stepping outside into your own yard? Pretty great, yeah? And have you considered what it could do for your property value?


We can help you make it happen!

We’re very aware that when you do choose to have a tennis court installation on your property, there’s a lot of things to consider. That’s why we’re here to walk you through all of those considerations.

That’s why we take care of everything from construction to lighting.

We take care of excavation, steelworks, and any drainage required as well as install all of the new equipment. Stand back and leave it to use to look after gates, fencing, retaining walls, even landscaping. It’s all done to enhance the aesthetic and experience.

Your tennis court should be unique to represent you and what you enjoy so we have a wide range of accessories including rollaway tennis nets, rebound walls, and other equipment. Synthetic grass surface or impact-friendly Rebound Ace surface, the choice is yours.

What about after the installation?

Once your tennis court installation is complete, we stick around.

We’ll take care of maintenance repairs and resurfacing, keep your line markings crisp and clear, and help keep your court clean with high pressure cleaning and professional sweeping so that your court always looks new and fresh.

So, whether you’re ready to install a tennis court today or still have questions, contact us now. Let’s chat about your tennis court installation at your Melbourne home.