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Latest Work – Geelong Multi-purpose Sports Court

Have a read below through our Latest Work – Geelong Multi-purpose Sports Court post. You won’t believe our latest work – a stunning multi-purpose sports court in Newtown.

This is not your average tennis court but a masterwork of design and sporting Tetris. We did say you wouldn’t believe it, but that’s why we have photos as evidence.

This court is about to blow your mind and we can’t wait to spill the details of how we’ve turned it into an athletic wonderland.

Latest Work - Geelong Miltui-Purpose Sports Court

What we created

Dr Frankenstein’s got nothing on us! Our client wanted it all, so we worked with them to deliver just that.

The result was a rather brilliant design that incorporates a tennis court, basketball court, Netball court, and a cricket pitch all on a massive area of 38m x 17.5m.

The court’s expansive footprint opens a world of possibilities for footy and soccer enthusiasts too.

Check out our photos to see our seamless integration.

The perfect playing surface

A sports court is only as good as its playing surface.

Enter Pro Tennis, a premium Australian-made texturised monofilament surface that provides unparalleled pace and spin, creating an arena where every match is a showcase of skill, speed, and precision.

The choice of Olive Green for colour elevates the visual appeal by blending seamlessly with the environmental aesthetics.

The challenge of construction

The journey of constructing this monumental multi-purpose sports court was no small feat with the lower end hovering above one of Newtown’s main sewer lines.

This intricate challenge required a synchronised effort with external consultants, builders, and our forward-thinking client.

Challenges became opportunities, resulting in a court that stands tall as a symbol of triumph over adversity in the pursuit of athletic excellence.

All-weather play and entertainment

As the sun sets, this Geelong multi-purpose sports court truly comes alive.

A six 400-watt LED light system ensures year-round night-time play.

With the added bonus of a dimmer system that sets the stage for post-game celebrations and gatherings.

This court isn’t just a space for athleticism, it’s a hub for entertainment and community.

Latest Work - Geelong Miltui-Purpose Sports Court

Safety first

In the pursuit of excellence, safety remains paramount.

The court is enclosed with top-notch safety fencing, providing players the freedom to immerse themselves in the game without concerns.

Cricket enthusiasts will appreciate the retracted netting, offering an additional layer of protection without compromising the thrill of the game.

Game on!

the Geelong Multi-purpose Sports Court isn’t just a court – it’s a testament to our commitment to creating spaces where sports dreams come alive.

As a Melbourne-based tennis court and sports ground installation company, our expertise extends beyond construction.

We specialise in crafting athletic havens that stand the test of time. Ready to start your next backyard project? Contact us so we can help you get started.