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Increase your Melbourne property values

Are you looking for ways to increase your Melbourne property values?

While there’s no sure fire guarantee to increase Melbourne property values, you can certainly give it a go by bringing in a new dynamic like a swimming pool or go one better with the addition of a tennis court.

Increase your Melbourne Property Value

So how would adding a tennis court to your yard change or increase Melbourne property values for you?

It would seem tennis is one of those sports increasing in popularity again across Australia and in turn, homes with their own tennis courts are reaping the benefits.

A tennis court isn’t a feature you’d find in every backyard across Melbourne. So imagine the value it could add to both your family life and of course your home, should you look to sell further down the track. While there’s no exact figure, there’s potential for your property value to increase up to the likes of $200,000, give or take and dependant on property trends and the current state of the property market.

Whether it’s a sport you have a mild interest in or one you like to play a little more competitively, for those with tennis courts just outside the back door, it provides so many opportunities for both adults and kids to start playing the game.

Even Tennis Australia highlights the many benefits of the sport because it’s more than just a great way to keep fit and have fun, it’s a sport for all ages, fitness levels and can reward those who partake with significant psychological and social gains.

A tennis court in the backyard is also a big win for the family dynamics. Parents and kids can spend time together on the court and stage your very own family open titles.

Who wouldn’t want to be crowned the backyard open winner?!

Start stretching those muscles and get ready to hit those aces.

Increase your Melbourne Property Value

So if you’re on the hunt for another way to increase your property values, the team at Ultra Courts is here to help. Get in touch with us to find out more.