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Why are Tennis Courts Green?


Have you ever wondered why tennis courts are the colour they are? What makes green such a popular choice? And why are the Australian Open’s courts blue? Discover the history of tennis court colours.

You might have noticed that green tennis courts are most frequent in home tennis courts or sports facilities, whereas professional courts like those seen at the Australian Open are blue.

Is there a reason for these different colours?


Up until the 21st century, green tennis courts were the norm.


They made for an appealing aesthetic as the green of the courts closely resembled the colour of grass, and this persisted for a long time.

However, many spectators found it difficult to keep track of the tennis ball on a green court. Spectators are a highly valued part of this sport, so it was important that all onlookers were able to keep track of the ball on the court.

So, with the move away from grass coloured tennis courts, different colours were experimented with. Such colours included blue, red, and even purple and fluorescent yellow. These days tennis courts can be a range of colours, but blue and green are still the most popular.

Blue became the forerunner for professional tennis courts when the US Open presented its courts in 2008, with the Australian Open shortly following suit. Unlike green coloured tennis courts, blue courts were shown to provide the highest contrast against the tennis ball, making it easier for spectators to see.

green tennis courts
green tennis courts

Nowadays green and blue courts are the most common, along with the occasional red. If you’re looking to have a tennis court installed, there is no limit to the colours you can choose!

Whether you prefer the classic colour of tennis courts or are looking for something a little more unique, Ultra Courts can have it done for you.

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