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Featured on TV – Tennis Courts Up Value on The Block TV Show

Are you thinking of investing in a tennis court?

Well, according to Channel 9’s The Block, you’re not the only one.

Omar and Oz’s recent tennis court on TV not only took their property to the next level, it also upped its value.

Have a read below as we break down what made their tennis court property a winner.

Tennis Courts The Block

It’s Multi-Purpose

Why have one, when you can have both?

‘The Block Kingz’ Omar and Oz went not only for a tennis court but a multipurpose court! This means the space can serve as a basketball court as well.

The diversity of this surface no doubt helped up the value of the property, while also providing its new owners with more sporting options.

It’s Full-Sized

There is nothing worse than having to adjust your game, because of the length of the court.

Thankfully, for their court, Omar and Oz went for a full-sized space.  If you’re going to invest in a tennis court, we say go big or go home.

It Was An Easy Choice

While Omar and Oz had to do the hard work of building the tennis court, most of us aren’t on The Block.

That’s where Ultra Courts comes in.

Not only will we help find the right court for you, but we will also be able to provide guidance on maintenance and upkeep.

Tennis Courts The Block

A tennis court is a fantastic addition to any home and may even up the value of your property.


There are a range of different courts and surfaces available, so you can find the one that suits your home.


If you want to read more about Omar and Oz’s property check out the article here.


And if you’re interested in getting your own tennis court see the team at Ultra Courts today to start playing!