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A fake grass tennis court is the ideal tennis court to have at home. But don’t let just anyone build it. Hire the true professionals!

You’ve probably been thinking about having your own tennis court. But only the right people can build a good fake grass tennis court. A professional tennis court builder will give you the best quality Melbourne court that will stand the test of time.

Don’t let just anyone build your fake grass tennis court

Fake, or synthetic, grass is the most popular tennis court surface because of its many benefits. Ball speed, spin, and bounce are consistent all over the entire surface. The standard of play will be high all year round because the sub-base constructions enable quick drainage – so you can get back onto the court soon after rain. The surface is cool in summer and non-slip in winter. Artificial turfs also absorb impact and offer good traction, making them kinder to your joints and limbs. Furthermore, you can use the court for other sports like cricket, basketball, and hockey.

Ultracourts - Fake Grass Tennis Court

Fake grass tennis courts are low maintenance when it comes to tennis court surfaces. All you need is to spray moss if it appears and generally keep it tidy. Even through the driest summer, you won’t need irrigation. This surface allows you to choose brightly coloured, contrasting turf colors so that boundaries are clear and permanent.

General benefits of your own tennis court

Tennis is a fun way to way to improve your fitness and coordination. Whether you just want to have fun, train for something more serious, or entertain guests, your own court will be a great addition to your home. Tennis courts are also in high demand, so if you decide to put your home on the market one day, that’s added value to your property.

Fake Grass Tennis Court Builder Melbourne

Let Ultracourts take care of everything

Ultracourts has been installing tennis courts for a long time and really know their stuff. You can sit back and know they will do everything right. They take care of it all – construction, excavation, steelwork, drainage, maintenance, repairs, resurfacing, and high-pressure cleaning. They will even provide you with condition reports and install lights for you, as well as fencing, walls, and landscaping.

Have fun and keep fit with your own tennis court. Call Ultracourts to get started.