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Do you love cricket? Why not build your own cricket pitch in your backyard with Ultracourts’ Domestic Cricket Ground Installation?


A domestic cricket ground installation transforms your space into a brilliant recreational facility. If you dream it, the Ultracourts team can help you build it. 

Cricket pitches add the most outstanding value to a property, depending upon its location and construction quality. Such features are appealing to potential buyers and homeowners alike. If you are ready to install one, here is everything you can expect to get.


Best quality ground surface for a match

Cricket is the perfect symbol of summer in Australia. One of the many specialties of a domestic cricket ground installation company is centre wickets and cricket training accessories, which Ultracourts can construct and design. In addition, it is up to you how the finished product looks and performs.

The pitch will have you hitting sixes with centre wickets, complete chain-mesh cages, or soft net facilities. As a result of choosing domestic cricket ground installation for your property, you will no longer be forced to work with makeshift cricket pitches that are ineffective, or travel to the nearest public ground in the hope that it’s available.

You can rely on Ultracourts’ team of professionals to help design and install the best synthetic cricket ground surface in your ideal space.

Ultracourts - Domestic Cricket Ground Installation - Cricket Cages

A facelift to your facility

An excellent residential cricket ground installation will mean that your home, school, or sporting club has the perfect facilities for your family, friends, or members based on your budget, maintenance requirements, location, and usage level.

But it’s not only new installations. Ultracourts can also help resurface older, well-used cricket facilities, upgrading and improving the surfaces and markings so that they will continue to provide years of enjoyment.

Domestic Cricket Pitch Installation

Install your cricket pitch today!

An established company installing domestic cricket grounds is a one-stop-shop for all sports facilities. Managing the project from start to finish, we ensure you’ll have a field that you love.


Contact Ultracourts today to get the ball rolling on your new cricket ground!

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