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This World Animal Day, celebrate with your dog’s own tennis court!

October 4th is World Animal Day! The first World Animal Day was celebrated with a gathering in Germany in 1925. It became an annual event which is celebrated on October 4th in connection with Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology, who it is said could talk to animals.

World Animal Day is about inspiring people to build a better future for animals everywhere.


What does World Animal Day have to do with tennis?

Australians love our pets, and we love our sports, so we thought, what better way to celebrate World Animal Day then by bringing our two loves together with a dog tennis court?

Yes. You read that correctly – a dog tennis court.

World Animal Day

Why? Just… why?

Based in Melbourne, we operate Victoria wide and specialise in domestic and residential works.

You’ve probably seen one of our tennis courts. But we just don’t think it’s fair that only humans get to play when tennis is the kind of sport that’s really, perfect for our dog besties.

What better way to spend World Animal Day (or any day for that matter) than in your backyard hitting the ball across the net to your awaiting dog to chase and capture.

It’s fun for all and great exercise for both you and your dog. What a great way to add value to your property too.

Like a full-sized court only smaller

Our dog tennis courts are very similar to our full-sized tennis courts, but on a smaller scale. Smaller certainly doesn’t mean less important or lower quality.

Like our full-sized courts, our dog tennis courts can be constructed with synthetic grass or our impact friendly rebound ace surface. We will look after the construction, any necessary excavation and drainage, maintenance, and repairs.

Our dog tennis courts come with all the usual fittings and are fully fenced and ready to play on. We can install lighting, rebound walls, and plenty of other doggy play equipment.

We’re excited to get your dog on the court. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll see dog tennis in the Olympics. Until then, it’s a great way for both you and your best friend to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

Contact us now and be a part of something unique this World Animal Day and show your dog how much you love them with their own dog tennis court.

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