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Can I build a tennis court in my backyard?

If you have the space and are wondering, “Can I build a backyard tennis court at home?” you have definitely come to the right place!

But before you start dreaming up your own can I build a backyard tennis court plan, this is one of those projects where it’s best to engage the professionals.

Here at Ultra Courts, we often hear the question can I build a backyard tennis court? More often than not, the answer is yes (with an expert team behind you is the best way to do it, of course!) and it all comes down to a number of factors including the size of your yard, whether you need permission from your local council, the surface you want to install, the cost and how long it will take.

Can I Build a backyard Tennis Court

What size is recommended for a tennis court?

Usually, a backyard or domestic tennis court is about 33.5m by 16.2m. Ideally, you don’t want to go any smaller than 30m by 15m, but we can discuss all your options and concerns with you. We also suggest that when it comes to the design of your court, you consider the size and space in your yard, outdoor entertaining areas, pools, sheds and whether or not you have views that may be obstructed.

Will I need permission?

You may need a development application (also known as a DA) which you can apply for through your local council. If you aren’t sure about this step in the process, our team can help with any questions about your submission.

What tennis court surface should I get?

This one usually comes down to preference and whether or not you have a budget in mind. At Ultra Courts, we offer the choice of a synthetic grass surface or an impact-friendly Rebound Ace surface. The option you choose could also be impacted by what else you plan to use the court for (i.e. a multisport option).

How much will it cost?

This all comes down to your budget, which surface you want and whether or not you choose extras including lighting, fencing, equipment, etc.

What timeframe can I expect on the build?

It could take as long as a match between some of the world’s best tennis players! The length of the build can be affected by a number of factors including the development application process, weather conditions, availability of supplies and even design considerations.

Are you ready to build that backyard tennis court? Get ready to hit that ace and contact our team today to find out more.

Can I Build a backyard Tennis Court