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Cricket Grounds

From kicking a ball around with the family to watching a young team in action, there’s no better place for it all to unfold than at the local community sporting grounds.

At Ultracourts, we know the important value community sporting grounds play in promoting physical activity, social interaction for all ages and serve a great purpose in bringing different members of the community together.

Community sporting grounds are a central hub for sport and recreational activities which benefit everyone across the board from individuals and groups, including schools, families, local business owners and community groups who make the most of the facilities.

Multi Purpose Court


Community sporting grounds are the perfect spot for schools who may need the space for physical education classes, sports training and other competitive events such as cross country, inter-school sports and even district and regional running or field events.

Fun for families

Head down to your local community sporting ground with the kids for some quality time together. This could be in the form of walking/running around the facility, kicking or throwing a ball together and even the fun of a family picnic or barbeque.

It’s also a great place to showcase to your children the variety of different physical activities they can take part in.

A place for the community

Whether you’re a local community group or sporting club, these grounds are the perfect place for gathering. They provide a space where people from diverse backgrounds can come together to participate in sports, recreational activities and events such as festivals, concerts or fundraisers.

Flying solo

You don’t have to be a part of a sporting team or group to access community sporting ground areas.

They also provide opportunities for exercise, stress relief and personal development whether that be through sports or recreational activities. Use the area to go for a run, practise yoga or meditation, these spaces cater for all interests and fitness levels.


Ultracourts - Kids Play Area

The business factor

Local businesses also benefit from community sporting grounds, whether it’s through the flow of visitors utilising the area and dropping into their business premises or sponsoring teams and events at the grounds themselves.

Everyone can benefit from community sports ground and Ultracourts is here to show you how. Want to know more? Reach out to our team today.