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Have you ever watched the tennis on TV only to wish you had your own court?

Well, you can have one just like this Brighton tennis court.

Being able to play tennis on your own home court has many advantages. You can enjoy all the benefits if you have a tennis court just like this one in Brighton. Get true professionals to install your court.

Brighton Tennis court Ultra Courts

This tennis court build in Brighton is a recent project of Ultrcourts. As you can see, the final touches are about to be applied to the court. Some of its premium features include ProTennis texturized monofilament synthetic grass (ITF 4 classification), dimmable 500-Watt LED lighting and height adjustable basketball hoop.


Synthetic grass is better


Ultrcourts installed ProTennis synthetic grass surface on this court.

Pro Tennis is a five-star system that meets the highest standards of player safety and performance.

Pro Tennis is built with texturized fibers developed from the best polymers in the industry.

Therefore it is an extremely strong, long-lasting and low maintenance surface.

This tennis system is highly-rated for meeting player comfort standards.

Proper lighting is key


A common mistake among those with a home tennis court is the lack of proper lighting. Allow Ultracourts to know what’s best in terms of making your court shine bright.

Night time play is a necessary part of having your own court especially if you are a more serious player. It’s best not to skimp on lighting.

The Australian standard for recreational use is 250 lux. You’ll need this to ensure high quality play.

Pole height for domestic courts should be kept reasonably low so as to minimize glare and over-spill light. A height of six to eight meters is usually sufficient. More are needed if you are going with lower poles.

To achieve 250 lux, you will need about six poles. Ensure that no light spills on ground level. This way, your neighbors we’ll have no problem with your little tennis court. Dimmable lights like the ones used on this project are fantastic.


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Ultracourts take care of everything

Ultracourts does everything for you. their services include construction, maintenance, repairs and resurfacing. They also provide fencing, retaining walls and landscaping.

They install lights and whatever new equipment you need, including height-adjustable basketball hoops like the one on this Brighton project.

Like many others, you can enjoy the immense benefits of having your own home tennis court. Contact Ultracourts to get started on your project.

Ultra Courts Brighton tennis court