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Best Tennis Court Contractors Melbourne

When it comes to crafting exceptional tennis courts in Melbourne, Ultracourts is the best.

Yep, we just said that and we stand by it. Want proof? Well, of course, you do. Luckily, we have all the proof you need from our expertise and dedication to quality to our long list of services and commitment to creating outstanding tennis courts that last. So, let’s serve up this ace.

Best Tennis Court Contractors Melbourne

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It is our mission to be the best tennis court contractors Melbourne by delivering outstanding tennis court construction and maintenance services for homeowners, schools, and councils. Yes, we offer commercial solutions, but our true specialty is domestic and residential projects that bring your tennis court dreams to life.

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What sets us apart from the competition is our comprehensive range of services. We handle everything from construction, maintenance, repairs, and resurfacing. Our team will look after civil works such as excavation, steelworks, and drainage – all essential components to ensure the longevity and quality of your court.

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Naturally, we use the finest materials and techniques available. Choose from synthetic grass or impact-friendly rebound ace surface to personalise your perfect court. Some of our tennis-loving clients are surprised to learn that tennis court construction is not just about building a great playing surface. Sure, there is that, but we pride ourselves on creating an optimal space that complements your surroundings. That’s why we offer additional services such as fencing, retaining walls, and landscaping.


Of course, it’s one thing to score with the big elements, it’s another to ace the details. But we’ve been training long and hard to do exactly that. After all, what is a tennis court without accessories like roll-away tennis nets, rebound walls, goals, nets, and play equipment? We have everything to turn your tennis court into a sporting haven. And don’t forget lighting installation to ensure your playtime isn’t limited to daylight hours. Enjoy your tennis court even after the sun sets.


We are keen to share our passion for creating outstanding tennis courts and sports facilities in Melbourne and surrounds. So, if you’re an athlete or tennis enthusiast with a home and/or land in Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, or the Mornington Peninsula that desperately needs a tennis court, and you are looking for the best tennis court contractors in Melbourne, it’s pretty clear we need to chat.

Best Tennis Court Contractors Melbourne


When you choose us as your tennis court contractors, you’re choosing dedication to quality, expertise, and a commitment to delivering the best. It’s time to ace your tennis court game with the best in the business. Contact the team at Ultracourts today.